Training - Services Jemi Hodge & Associates, Inc. is not your average obedience training. Not only can we teach your dog what to do, we can teach your dog what not to do!! With our training methods you do not raise your voice, point your finger, yell at, scold, punish, grab at the collar or physically correct your pet in any way.  We do not use food rewards, clickers, prongs or punishment.   Instead, we use environmental or noise corrections so the owner is never the "bad guy" or disciplinarian.  We never want your pet to associate the correction with you. In most cases, this unique, direct and easy method of training gets immediate results.  We even work with Senior dogs and cats.  In dealing with health-related, behavioral issues, we also work directly with your veterinarian.  PROBLEM Do you find yourself doing this?:     * Using food to bribe your dog     * Raising your voice     * Pointing your finger     * Yelling and scolding     * Grabbing at your dog     * Having to restrain your dog when company comes  SOLUTION Our trainers teach you and your family how to train and control your dog. Unlike other "so called" methods, using our quiet, unemotional way of training, you will notice immediate results. WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING... “I have been referring my clients to Jemi for years.  She has helped to solve problems, such as fear, aggression, phobias and separation anxiety.  Her problem- solving methods get immediate results in most cases.” - Kathryn H., DVM "Many thanks to your program and your great instruction for making me a better owner to Annie. The tip on getting her in the car is invaluable and how simple!!!" - Judy W.   "After following Jemi's training program, separation anxiety no longer rules our lives. Now when I turn my key in the door, I can hear my dog yawning and stretching inside: he's been sleeping all day instead of getting into trouble. Jemi's knowledge and expertise turned our nightmare dog into a dream. Thanks, Jemi!" - Wendy M. We are a distributor and believer in a product called Gentle Leader®.  It is called the 10 minute attitude adjustment and is truly a terrific product!  We are proud to be able to offer it to our clients. PLEASE do not attempt to use a Gentle Leader® head collar until receiving training and direction from Jemi Hodge & Associates, Inc. and have read the instructions which come with it ENTIRELY!!! Gentle Leader® gives you control with humane restraint.  Pressure is applied to the back of the neck NOT the throat.  It stops your dog from pulling and lunging while going for a walk. No more tug of war or being jerked around. My!  What will you do with all those HUGE muscles you had to develop in order to actually "WALK" your dog!" To learn more, please visit the Gentle Leader® website. We DO NOT use shock/pinch/prong/choke collars. We DO NOT use food rewards or clickers - ASK US WHY! We DO utilize humane, kind and effective training methods. Copyright © 2002-2012, Jemi Hodge & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.