What our clients are saying... "Jemi is terrific as a trainer and is such a pleasant lady!" - Dianne N. "Jemi really knows her stuff - it's obvious!  She really helped me, especially with 'leave it'.  Sophie was starting to drive me crazy."  - Brenda S. "Jemi is very creative in her approach to training and always has the right solution for a difficult problem."  - Lucy C. “Thank you for teaching me the proper place to pee and poop!”  - Buster    "Jemi, the magic you used on Stella while she stayed with you in July should be bottled! She is a different dog. Thanks so much!"  - Sharon G. “My dog has always been very aggressive around other dogs and by the end of the first session, my pet had learned that this was inappropriate behavior and I had learned how to stop the behavior before it begins.”  - Sara H. "With her light hearted, matter of fact manner, Jemi is well respected. Her training methods are simple, effective and greatly appreciated by both owner and pet!" - Rick, J. "The role playing exercises and the trainers careful explanations of why we should change certain, specific things we had not seen as problems helped. The support, calls and follow-ups gave us the motivation not to let our dog take control away from us again.” - Toni W. “I was so amazed to learn in two at-home sessions what many people take 8 weeks of training to learn. The instant gratification and the amazing change in our dog made for a very happy home. Thank you.”  - Terry H. "Being a first-time dog owner, I knew very little about how to train a puppy. Not only did we work with basic commands, but one session solved barking, jumping and chewing problems.  As new problems developed, the trainers were always there for me."  - Jim P. “Matt and I are amazed that you could find a dog that looks so much like Violet!  We can't believe she has so much self control!  We were a little worried when we saw her in the park, but we are simply amazed!  We're still waiting for the drugs to wear off. . . I'm looking forward to the follow-up visits because I know there is stuff to work on.  Bu,t I'm telling all my friends to send their dogs to you because you are simply amazing! I can't tell you how happy I am.”  - Jennifer P. “I write to tell you what a difference your training and the support from your staff/ trainers has made to our puppies and us. I started out with a husband, 3 boys and 2 11week old Bichon Poodles (Poochons). The pups weren't crate trained and we knew even less. Through your Boot Camps, Puppy Classes, and at home training, you and your trainers have trained all of us how to "Leave It," "Off," "Sit," "It's Okay," and most of all enjoy our dogs.  I am encouraged daily with progress and look forward to more classes to continue learning more fun tricks.” - Sarah M.  “We are now enjoying a calmer and obedient puppy the whole family enjoys.  We will continue to use Jemi and her team and refer others to them as well!” - Karen W. "I first met Jemi over 20 years ago working together at a veterinary hospital.  Since then she has left the field to concentrate on animal behavior. Jemi has prevented many dogs from being put to sleep for their destructive or dangerous acts simply through behavior modification. She has helped countless patients of mine, as well as, my own dogs. Jemi truly is a miracle worker!" - Fielding O'Neill, DVM, MS “Jemi and her staff have totally changed my life. Before I met Jemi, my life with my two dogs (Belle and Stinky) was very difficult. Because my dogs' behavior was so ridiculous, I had a difficult time having people over or taking the dogs anywhere. They barked nonstop at the neighbors, chased my cat, either jumped on or lunged at guests, freaked out at the vet. I tried everything I knew of to improve their behavior...... I ran with them each morning, went to obedience school, used bark collars, yelled, screamed, talked to them politely.....nothing I found was helping. Holidays were especially difficult because the dogs were so unpredictable.  One minute they would be laying down, and the next they would bark, growl, or bite someone because they opened the refrigerator. I heard about Jemi Hodge and Associates when I met Mary, one of the trainers. I was a little nervous about spending the money for this type of training because the last dog trainer I hired told me that Stinky was so dangerous that I should always keep her locked up. But after I spoke with Jemi on the phone, I really believed she could make a difference. When my dogs returned from boot camp, they were the dogs I had always wanted. They didn't jump on me (or anyone else), they waited for me to open the door (instead of lunging at it...they stopped barking when I told them to...it was amazing. Three weeks later, I took my dogs on vacation with my family. They were amazed at the difference in my dogs....people could move freely about the house without fear of being attacked. The dogs were no longer hiding under the table, they were walking around letting people pet them. One of the most terrible experiences I had with the dogs was last year when I took Stinky to the vet. She was petrified. I left the vet with a busted lip and bruises on my face where I had tried to hold her down. We were both covered in urine because she was so afraid she had urinated on herself.  This year, Jemi went with us to the vet.  Jemi worked with us in the examination room before the vet came in.  She showed me how to hold Stinky so that she felt more comfortable, but I was still in control.  After the injections the vet was even able to check her out without me holding on to her.  It was amazing! If you have never had a dog that was so fearful she was dangerous, then you might not understand how wonderful it is to have that same dog trust you to handle new situations.  Jemi is one of the most caring, patient, and understanding people I have ever met.  By changing my dogs behavior, she changed my life.  And she gave me the tools to make sure we don't fall back into our old patterns.  The best part is that I know if I need her, she is only a phone call away.”  - Susanne T.  “Some very close friends of ours came over to visit this morning.  The dogs ran outside in crazy mode - no lead.  That was our fault.  (Some bad habits are really hard to break!) However, even with all the craziness, our friends were able to come into the yard without incident.  (Chief had met this couple once before but he was very shy and nervous)  Chief followed beside them just as Pirate did, even allowing  a pat on the head.  We chatted and came in the house.  Everyone went into the living room and sat down.  Chief visited with the couple as though they were best friends (complete with petting), and then proceeded to lie down on the floor with Pirate while we chatted.  At one point, Chief was lying on his back with his feet in the air, just as relaxed as he could be!  My friends were staring at him wide eyed with amazement.  This was not the same dog they had met before.  Chief was the perfect doggie gentleman from the beginning of the visit to the escort to the car at the end, with no intervention or commands from us!  He did everything except offer them a drink!   Chief and my dad are now friends.  There is no need for a lead or gentle leader when my father arrives.  Chief greets my father with a "wiggle butt," which is a big deal.  Dinners at the table are absolutely no problem.  My son's relationship with Chief is also improving daily.  We are moving from tolerance to friendship and family, which is exactly what I was looking for.   We took Chief to your doggie socialization class last night.  That was the first time he had ever been with a strange group of dogs in a class setting.  As a matter of fact, that was the first time he had been around that many strange dogs at once,  since we had him anyway.  He was definitely high anxiety at first, but calmed down as the session progressed.  It will be interesting to see how he handles it next week.   I think he will definitely benefit from the experience.   We will continue our work with "Leave it," this week, including working with the two young boys living next door.  I am hoping to get them over here with their light sabers and sticks.   As Chief confidence builds, he is becoming a much happier dog.  Everybody sees it.   Thanks for putting us on the right track.” - Nancy R.  WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING... “We continue to tell anyone who will listen that we consider you totally amazing! Anyone who knew Aggie BEFORE she became Miss Aggie can appreciate why we feel as we do!” - Brantley, Jack, Callie and Aggie   “If you have never had a dog that was so fearful she was dangerous, then you might not understand how wonderful it is to have that same dog trust you to handle new situations.  Jemi is one of the most caring, patient and understanding people I have ever met.  By changing my dog’s behavior, she changed my life.  She gave me the tools to make sure we don't fall back into our old patterns.” - Susanne T. “A friend referred me to Jemi Hodge and Associates for training of our 4 month old lab puppy.  Terry was the trainer recommended to give our pup full exposure to small children, public places and other dogs.  After 2 weeks with her, everyone in our family thought we had a different dog.  She was so nice to have in our home.  We felt she had matured in that short time by months.  Terry was very conscientious in her training approach and in teaching us.  I highly recommend Jemi Hodge & Associates.”  - Lynn T. 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