Press Richmond's Times Dispatch Taking the bite out of your dog Tuesday, Jul 31, 2007 - 12:07 AM By JANET CAGGIANO TIMES-DISPATCH STAFF WRITER Holly failed to keep her aggression in check when she showed up for her first day of school. So the 118-pound Great Dane was expelled before setting foot in the classroom. "She went ballistic," said Holly's owner, Allison Ward. "I was scared I could not control her. I was afraid she would hurt another dog or a person." Ward and her husband, Matt, called K-9 Consultants Inc. for help. Owner Jemi Hodge specializes in training aggressive dogs and helping "pets and owners live in harmony." "It's not always about the dog," she said. "It's about the person at the end of the leash." When Hodge established K-9 Consultants in Chesterfield County 15 years ago, about 35 percent of the dogs she worked with she deemed aggressive. Today, she estimates that more than 60 percent of her business is devoted to calming aggressive behavior.   Read more Chesterfield Observer What a difference a year makes From special needs puppy to athletic dog with a little TLC By Gwen Sadler CONTRIBUTING WRITER A puppy born with a severe deformity is now holding her head up high after a year of physical therapy and lots of loving care. The puppy, called Emily early on, was one of a litter of four born to a 20- pound mixed-breed dog in Mississippi. Her owner, a well-meaning but irresponsible woman, allowed the dog to mate with another pet in the house, an 80-pound German shepherd. The result was puppies too big for their mom to carry. Space in the cramped womb was at a premium, and too much of it was claimed by Emily’s siblings. As she grew inside the womb, Emily’s position caused her head to bend completely to the left. The muscles on that side of her neck never fully developed. The other three puppies were born normal and healthy. Emily had a hard time of it. At 6 weeks old, she still couldn’t hold her head upright and wasn’t able to stand or walk like the other puppies. Her caretakers at the Mississippi shelter that took the canines in didn’t have the resources to care for her and were considering euthanasia. But a chance visit to the shelter from Sharon Cornett, president of the Richmond Animal League (RAL), changed Emily’s future. Prior to physical therapy, Girlie was unable to hold her head up, stand or walk like normal dogs.  Read More *Photo courtesy of Richmond Animal League    The News and Advance Boot camp molds canine behavior BY KATHERINE CALOS TIMES-DISPATCH STAFF WRITER Lauren Schwartz loves her shipoo — a Shih Tzu-poodle mix — but she didn't love what he was doing. So, she made a wish list — come when called, don't run out the door, stop barking for attention — and sent him to doggie boot camp. "It's my fault," she said as she dropped off little Larry at K-9 Consultants. He'd been well-behaved when he finished his first session of boot camp, but then "I let him do keep-away. His favorite game is to run away from me." So, he was back for a refresher course. Jemi Hodge nodded knowingly when Schwartz talked about her lapse. "See, we have her trained well," Hodge said, laughing with the owner. "She knows it's her fault."  Read More Deformed puppy receiving treatment in Richmond By Tara Morgan RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A German Shepherd-mix puppy, born with a severe head deformity, is getting a new lease on life. The dog was brought to Richmond from Mississippi for rehabilitation. Animal rescuers say the case highlights the importance of spaying or neutering your pets. Emily is a six week old puppy born with a deformity that animal rescuers say could have been avoided had the pup's mom not been allowed to breed with a much larger dog. She sounds like any other puppy and has a healthy appetite. But Emily can't walk straight.   Read More Trained guard dogs provide first line of defense By Andy Jenks/Terry Alexander RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - In tonight's special neighborhood crime watch - how you can turn your dog into a guard dog! When it's late at night, and you're home alone, your first line of defense against crime might just be a four-legged friend. But what's the secret, to turning your dog, into a guard dog? Experts say you don't have to go out and buy yourself a 150-pound attack dog. Even the smallest animals can be trained to keep burglars and other criminals away.  Read More Newsletters - Links - Affiliations Virginia Jack Russell Terrier Club Powhatan Sherrif’s Office Richmond Animal League Press Releases FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WOOFS! AND WHISPERS Local Expert - Pet Owner’s Best Friend. Midlothian, Virginia, June 5, 2007 – Shhhhh! Do you want to know a secret? Have you heard about Virginia’s very own non-controversial Dog Whisperer? Jemi Hodge of K9 Consultants, Inc. has easily been the preferred problem pet behavior specialist throughout Virginia for twenty-nine (29) years. Hodge is referred by over 149 veterinarians as one of the best animal behavior resources in Richmond and the surrounding areas. She is a pet owner’s best friend.  Read more Check out some of these Kibbles and Bits from various media outlets. WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING... “I was so amazed to learn in two at-home sessions what many people take 8 weeks of training to learn. The instant gratification and the amazing change in our dog made for a very happy home. Thank you.” - Terry H. “Being a first-time dog owner, I knew very little about how to train a puppy. Not only did we work with basic commands, but one session solved barking, jumping and chewing problems.  As new problems developed, the trainers were always there for me.” - Jim P. Have a question about your pet?  Ask Jemi! Copyright © 2002-2012, Jemi Hodge & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved. See Jemi on NBC12!!
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