Frequently Asked Questions GUARANTEE Q:  ARE YOUR DOG / CAT TRAINING SERVICES GUARANTEED? A:  We cannot guarantee our training because part of the training involves you.  Whether we do an in-home consultation or a boot camp, part of the training process is doing what we tell you to do with your pet.  While our training methods do not require massive daily training on your part, it does require consistency from all members of the household.  The trainer will work with you to lay out a training plan and you are the variable in the equation.  We can show you what to do, work with you so we know you understand what you need to do, but in the end, it is up to you to follow through.  We are always available for phone calls with your questions, which we encourage!  We are also happy to do follow- ups to insure that everybody is progressing (our boot camps actually include an in-home follow-up).  We can tell you that 90% of our business is from previous clients and veterinarians in the area.  So we must do something right! CONSULTATIONS Q:  HOW MANY VISITS WILL IT TAKE TO RESOLVE THE ISSUES WE ARE HAVING?? A:  This depends on the behaviors we are working to modify.  On our first consultation with you, you will see immediate results.  Normally, it takes 7-14 days to see optimum results.  We can normally address 3 issues during one consultation, which lasts about 11/2 hours.  However, if one of these issues is aggression, fears or phobias, it may be helpful to schedule a follow-up.  Let's take for example that you have a dog who is aggressive to other dogs when you are walking him.  A follow-up would be helpful in a public place with other dogs or perhaps the trainer brings her dog to evaluate the progress you have made.  TRAINING Q:  HOW ARE THE TRAINERS TRAINED? A:  Jemi is very particular about who works for her.  There are currently two trainers besides herself.  Each trainer has an area that she specializes in, much like a doctor.  But all trainers are trained in all areas.  Both Amanda and Terry became trainers for Jemi because she saw them as clients and recognized that they were both instinctually good trainers.  Much of what we do is instinct and varies from animal to animal.  The trainer then goes on consultations with Jemi, works on training boot camp dogs with her and finally graduates to doing in-home consultations with Jemi while observing.  We try to be very thorough up front on the phone insuring that the right trainer is matched to you and your pet.  Jemi's forte is fears, phobias, and aggression.  That doesn't mean she can't train a puppy as well, it is just that her time is better spent working with the dogs who exhibit these behaviors.  Terry does a great job with puppies and the clients love her!  Amanda actually enjoys working with aggressive dogs. (Yes, we said enjoys!) So, we utilize our trainers where they are best placed.  But you can rest assured both Terry and Amanda come with Jemi's seal of approval. Q:  WHAT TRAINING METHODS DO WE USE? A:  In two words, kind and humane.  We do not use shock, pinch, prong or choke collars.  Training should not involve inflicting pain on an animal.  (The exception to this is invisible fencing.  This certainly beats your dog being hit by a car and not everyone can have a physical fence)  We do not use food rewards.  We don't like being bribed, we don't believe you should have to bribe your pet to do what you wish.  We don't yell, scream or grab the pet's collar.  We use praise and positive reinforcement.    We teach you to think like your pet so that you understand how to change the problem behaviors. WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING... “Working with Jemi Hodge & Associates has been a wonderful experience for our family! The boarding and training tips they provided have been invaluable in working with our Cairn Terrier puppy.  We were becoming very frustrated with the moments of out of control behavior and disobedience. Through the techniques they taught us we were able to very quickly change this behavior almost immediately after the first follow-up consultation to the training.  We are now enjoying a calmer and obedient puppy that the whole family now enjoys.  We will continue to use Jemi Hodge & Associates and refer others to them as well!" - Karen W.  Q. What distinguishes Jemi from other dog trainers? A. Dog trainers train dogs to do certain things.     Jemi teaches dogs what NOT to do.  Have a question about your pet?  Ask Jemi! We DO NOT use shock/pinch/prong/choke collars. We DO NOT use food rewards or clickers - ASK US WHY! We DO utilize humane, kind and effective training methods.