Jemi Hodge & Associates' goal is to help owners have better relationships with their pets through leadership and positive reinforcement techniques. This can be accomplished in the pets' homes and with all members of the family. Jemi is certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a K9 Good Citizen Instructor and is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) Ninety (90%) of Jemi's business consists of a mix of veterinarian referrals and/or existing client referrals.  See Jemi talk about her background and why she loves what she does: Terry has been a trainer for Jemi Hodge and Associates, Inc. since 2006.  She came to know Jemi through Canine Good Citizen classes for her Rottweiler, Nevaeh.  Nevaeh passed her test and did such a great job that Jemi asked Terry if she would be interested in becoming a trainer.  Terry and her husband have two daughters and four grandchildren. Julie has known Jemi for 8 years and worked for her since 2003.  Julie currently pulls messages, returns calls and manages the administrative arm of Jemi Hodge and Associates, Inc.  Julie trained dogs for several years before "retiring" to the office.  She has 14 dogs, all of who were trained using Jemi's methods.  She and her husband have four sons and one grandchild.  About Us Q. What distinguishes Jemi from other dog trainers? A. Dog trainers train dogs to do certain things.   Jemi teaches dogs what NOT to do.  WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING... "I have taken most of my dogs to her camp and training classes because her help has been invaluable in curing behavior problems and in training dogs. In fact, I had a friend over this past weekend who could not believe how well the dogs behaved and listened." - Patricia M. “One of our pets was diabetic. She required 2 insulin shots a day to be administered on a set schedule. Only Ms. Hodge could guarantee that. We never had to be concerned about the care our pets were receiving.” - Doug and Janet T. "I find Jemi to be exceptionally caring and devoted to animals."      - Rose M.                            Read more Have a question about your pet?  Ask Jemi! We DO NOT use shock/pinch/prong/choke collars. We DO NOT use food rewards or clickers - ASK US WHY! We DO utilize humane, kind and effective training methods. Email