“We train pets to complement your life, not complicate it!” Jemi is an Animal Behavior Specialist and owner of Jemi Hodge & Associates, Inc.  With over 3,000 annual referrals and 30 years of experience, Jemi is well- qualified to help you overcome any behavioral problem you and your pet may be experiencing. Jemi’s training philosophy of behavior modification consists of positive reinforcement and leadership.  There’s never been a problem too tough for Jemi and her team to handle.  Jemi Hodge & Associates is a locally-owned small business and has served Virginia’s pet community since 1978. Ninety percent of Jemi’s business consists of veterinarian and client referrals.  We can put a stop to the following:  o Dog to Dog aggression or Dog to Cat aggression o Aggression toward people o Excessive barking  o Jumping on people and furniture o Separation anxiety o Specific fears or phobias o Uncontrollable in the home or on a leash o Destructive behavior o Inappropriate Feline behavior Animal Behavior Specialists CONSULTATIONS Private In-home Phone or Email TRAINING Boot Camps* New Puppy/Adult Dogs Canine Good Citizenship Group behavioral classes New Class Schedule PET ADVOCACY Public Speaking Expert Court Testimony Continuing Education classes** Learn more Mauling guests       Shredding furniture             Barking at everything                   Marking territory                         Not responding when called....Sound familiar? (804) 594-0731 Email Welcome to Jemi Hodge & Associates, Inc. *Camps include private consultation and customized training plans **CE credits available for professionals Not to worry!  Problem-solving is what we do! We DO NOT use shock/pinch/prong/choke collars. We DO NOT use food rewards or clickers - ASK US WHY! We DO utilize humane, kind and effective training methods. See Jemi on NBC12!!
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